“There is a time for everything” is one ol saying I believe a lot.

Exactly three days back, I woke up in the morning with something new in my mind. Something I have never ever attempted before – a piece of fiction. Words were simply pouring out and I couldn’t resist. Jumped out of the bed, brushed and I settled down with my lappy, logged into WordPress to tap away all that came to my mind.

As I tap away blissfully…I hear a rumbling from my tummy..Oops…In a hurry, had forgotten to fuel it with a hot cup o tea. What else could compliment such a perfect morning of creativity than a hot cuppa! There I decide to get up for making one and thought it would be better to save the post in drafts….just in case.

Click – Save Draft….I see the small “Wait” thingie going round and round….waiting. Panic got over me…I am eagerly waiting for the notification from WP – “The Draft has been Saved” or whatever..

Then I saw something and couldn’t believe it was happening to me…The one damn stupid moment when my internet connection decided to conk and there goes my hard work down the drain šŸ˜¦

Now…what is the point in cribbing and crying when I could have used one of the most easily available things in the world- Common sense. But this is what elders say…When time is wrong, everything goes for a toss. Anyways..to cut a long story short, the flow of words is still with me and I think I could refine it more before I publish. And what better time than this auspicious Ganesh Chaturthi to begin something new.

You can expect a piece of fiction penned(sorry typed) by yours truly in the coming days.

And I also want to wish you all a VERY HAPPY Ganesh Chaturthi.
He is a favourite of mine for various reasons. We share a kind of deep bond within…Here is some detailed info on the symbolism of the elephant God

He is a favourite of mine for various reasons..and we share a kind of deep bond.

“I pray to you Lord Ganesha..to whack me with your trunk at the right moment. So that this dumb head gets its dose of common sense when it is needed and not have to regret (not forgetting things like saving a blog post in a note pad etc)